Samantha Joule Fow

Samantha is fascinated by humanity’s co-evolution with technology. As we build new technologies, they change our lives. As our lives change, we build new technologies. Samantha writes about how and why this occurs as well as how we can use this cycle to make the world a safer, healthier, and happier place to live.

Samantha’s focus on environmental advocacy is a natural extension of her training and education in environmental policy as well as her passion for nature and the outdoors. After completing her undergraduate studies in economics, Samantha went on to earn a J.D., a Master’s in Energy Regulation and Law, and an LL.M in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. Samantha founded technical writing and digital marketing company Axiom Communications in 2017, and she commits her time to ensuring that every Axiom client receives content that is original, accurate, informative, and engaging for the modern audience.

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